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Luckino tried the same with the proposed gas line in Indian Cove. The community was against a gas line. Surveys were sent out to residents, but only 20% returned the survey. When Luckino was confronted, he confessed that only 20% of IC residents returned the survey. He also said that IC was a sleepy neighborhood and residents did not involve themselves in city politics. I think he was relying on lack of participation to push through his agenda. I organized a group of neighbors against the gas line. We worked together handing out flyers in IC explaining the importance of participation. We listed reasons why a gas line was not a good choice. We fought and won. Luckino is at it again. I guess he is comfortable with manipulating the numbers. Stand up to him. It looks like his bubble is starting to burst.

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Since writing the editorial 29 Palms Neighbors submitted public information requests for all the correspondence on the survey, draft copies of the survey and drafts of the sewer maps. It's a lot of data and we are still going through it....but we hope to write about it. Anyone taking the survey must have recognized how skewed it was towards producing the answers the City wanted to hear.

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