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How do these out-of-area commercial developer's behemoth projects, with no commitment to the community, its historically rich history and culture, or the area's natural resources, ever make it past the initial vetting process? Through unelected bureaucrats? Past elected officials, whose jobs demand they act in the best interest of community members whose taxes pay for them to do just that?

More importantly, where will the water come from? An aquifer? Piped in Colorado River water? Drilled wells tapping into who knows what water resource? Piped in sea water for desalination?...this project is contrary to the spirit and ambiance of the Mojave Desert's breathtaking expanse of solitude and undisturbed beauty.

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I would be happy to pay for a 1/2 page ad rebuttal, if Desert Trumpet wants to rework this post for that purpose. If you provide the text I can format it and place the ad.

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Desert communities need to come together to support each other. It’s open season on our beloved desert. Corporations and carpet baggers see cheap land and a bunch of desert hicks as the only barrier to their schemes. They all follow the same game plan:

-Get cozy with planning departments and councils.

-Hire PR firms to tell everyone that we’ll all benefit and there are no problems.

-Try to smear those against their plans as selfish NIMBy’s.

-Obscure or deny any legitimate counter claims or evidence.

Well folks we have a desert to protect and we owe it to show up fight this crock of disinformation wherever it shows up, Indian Cove, Flamingo Heights or Wonder Valley.

If these folks really cared about our communities they would listen to what we have to say and build accordingly but really as I’m sure you know, it’s all about the money.

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