The landowners of the projected solar farm site are in for the long-haul purchasing those parcels in 2004-2005. Which would you prefer - projected golf course (see link) or solar farm?

Seems that California AB205 is going to make things difficult for denial of the solar farm.


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Thanks for sharing the solar farm info and all the links. The lawyer's description of AB 205 seems not quite accurate. Buried in the bill, section 255535.10 requires the developer to enter into an agreement with local entities "such as workforce development and training organizations, labor unions, social justice advocates, local governmental entities, California Native American tribes, or other organizations that represent community interests, where there is mutual benefit to the parties to the agreement. . ." and lists types of mutual benefit.

There are the serious environmental impact questions, but there might also be the opportunity to extract real community benefits beyond often promised "jobs and taxes" such as leveraging AB2316 which funds community solar energy projects (emphasis on community, not utility company) for low income/rural areas, or maybe giving some of their 29 Palms acerage over to low/moderate income housing. I hope the city thinks creatively in this one. Here's info on AB 2316.


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