It's a real shame to see Luckino leave the position of CM. Regardless of whether everyone agrees on the tasks he's taken on over the years one thing is for certain he is/was well qualified for the job. It will be difficult to find a qualified fit (as evident from years past). Perhaps some other qualified applicant, one of the remaining 28 that applied for DHS will be interested.

Meanwhile, the TBID retooling... rumor has it for October 30th but that has not been made public nor has any stakeholders been notified.

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i agree Luckino was qualified as city manager, but i found his goals and free distributing of city tax dollars as over-stepping. i'd like to see the city manager and city council spend more money and efforts to improving the plight of city residents who pay the tax dollars.

i'm intrigued as how the process of a new city manager will come about. What is the procedure and just who decides who is to fill this vacancy ?

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