Thank you for including that little tidbit about the published address at StayReset being listed as Joshua Tree when in fact it is Twentynine Palms. Advertising for direct access to Joshua Tree NP and connected trails is one thing, but publishing an incorrect address is something else.

It also shows a lack of commitment to the City of Twentynine Palms. It is important for this developer and future developers to have a partnership and take pride in the community in which they are joining. To break out of the shadows of "Joshua Tree" the City staff should, in my opinion, be setting expectations for developers regarding such shenanigans. I would encourage Visit 29 Palms to contact developers as a resource to build relationships, explain what is happening in 29, and embrace new relationships.

I feel it is only fair that someone has a conversation with the developer so they understand the deep pride our community has and how some may take offense. Or at minimum, the staff at City Hall should be making it clear that stating that you are in Joshua Tree when the City of Twentynine Palms is the one approving your projects is, well frowned upon. Or should be!

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There is a giant quarry size hole where they have taken dirt so as to avoid flood plane restrictions. I think this hole is dangerous.

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I don’t know if it matters, but the Wander Hotel JT link is broken.


Thanks for the update, I wasn’t even aware of this one.

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There's a huge sign at the car dealership in the big-box section of Yucca Valley that reads JOSHUA TREE. I sure do under stand Susan Peplow's frustration over an error which is deliberate.

This proposed hotel resort is too big. It is way too big. Such resorts in themselves are not necessarily terrible, but somehow every single one proposed in recent years is terrible. How can it be otherwise when a) the developers do not live here and b) the motive is profit and profit only.

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