For clarify, I had suggested the removal or clean-up of some language on the ordinance.

Licensing, Item P: Each permitted Vacation Home Rental shall include a Noise Mitigation Plan which shall be kept on file with the City of Twentynine Palms."

The recommendation is to keep the requirement for a noise mitigation plan (as indicated in more detail in another area of the ordinance) but redact the claim of "keep on file" as there is no option to "keep on file" with new license submission or renewals on Citizenserve.

The other recommendation as to clean up verbiage as it relates to Rental Agreement, item 2 with recommendation to improve upon the existing verbiage providing a simpler, yet broader stroke of "Identification Verification". The benefit of which allows hosts to personally verify the primary guest matches the reservation.

Thank you for the recap of the session. BTW, I think the music stopped with recommendation of an annual Good Neighbor Class with quicker, recorded version for year 2+ renewals.

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as a permanent resident living in a home that pays real estate taxes to the city, i feel we are not being represented by the two councils. VERY little in the way of city services are offered.

But the two councils are always concerned only with bringing in more money by way of taxes, fees, and grants to the detriment of tax paying permanent residents who are harmed by their actions.

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If Leslie Paahana is, in fact, a Commissioner and STVR owner, she should have recused herself from the discussion since her comments and position on the subject are self-serving and a conflict of interest.

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