Oh, no. One of those creepy places masquerading as addiction recovery? I suppose they’re eligible for some kind of government funding for this?

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Before I were to support any of the groups mentioned above I would like to see some histories and statistics of such entities and their track records.

I'm of the opinion that the vast majority of participants in youth groups and other such organizations are those who were laughed at by the masses when I went to school and I doubt this situation has changed.

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For the Youth Council staff report, it did start off as an audio-only, but it was less than 30 seconds before the slides came to view for those in attendance. Delayed yes, but hardly "no one on staff was able to access the document", as reported by the DT.

Set Free Ranch, is holding an open house on Saturday,February 3rd @ 11AM. Providing a light lunch, presentation and tour of the site.

The site chosen is nestled up next to MCAGCC, north of Pole Line and East of Morongo, Desert Heights area. Apparently, they have outgrown the current location in Wonder Valley. The new site location has a one-year lease and sits on a combined 28 acres with multiple structures. A flyer of information states that the new location will house a maximum of 26 Men (sorry, ladies of addiction). The church references a 3-phase program.

Pastor Foley noted to City Council how the SBC Court released a man to their program. When asked by Council member Mintz about payment, it was stated that there was no exchange for funds from the county and that they are "not federally or state funded"

I'll send the flyer for the Set Free Ranch to Cindy for those interested and cite.

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