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It was Council member Mintz on March 12th that suggested we gather hard costs for the overall rental before making a decision regarding waiving fees. Councilmember Bilderain then made the motion to table the discussion until the 26th session, so they would have the opportunity to receive that information from Parks & Recs.

In discussion on March 12th, the city council supported the practice of 1 free day for non profits; discussing waiving the most expensive rental day, Sunday, which is open to the public. The entire multi-day rental also received a sponsorship of $1,000 towards fees.

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The quotes were from our March 12 report. I have asked that author to double check the transcript but the full exchange reported had Mintz, Bilderain and Wright all weighing in:

"Mintz then requested a tally of the City’s actual costs from Minatrea, saying “we just need to get the hard labor costs back.” Minatrea replied that she’d return with these costs.

Bilderain then suggested the City waive fees for the most expensive day, $1,397.00 for Sunday, April 28, plus do a partial additional fee waiver for the other two days by charging the church only the City’s actual labor costs. The Council seemed agreeable to this compromise.

Wright then suggested they simply table the matter for now, pending a full accounting for this option from Minatrea. The Council assented."

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