The Desert Trumpet is published by 29 Palms Neighbors. 29 Palms Neighbors was founded in the summer of 2021 in Indian Cove by Cindy Bernard, Heidi Heard and Teeney Hood. The group was initially focused on the transformation of 29 Palms neighborhoods by the influx of short term vacation rentals, but has since expanded its scope to address issues of transparency and accountability in local City government.

29 Palms has long been well served by one local newspaper, The Desert Trail, which publishes on Wednesdays, with a supplemental weekend edition. We recognized the need for a second publication able to ask questions of our City government and report on a range of topics affecting residents.

Additionally we felt it was important to better enable residents to address their concerns before their elected representatives at City Council meetings. The publication schedule is timed so that the agenda can be reviewed and important items published prior to each Council and Planning Commission meeting.

The Desert Trumpet, named for the idiosyncratic plant native to the Mojave Desert, aims to publish twice monthly with a focus on getting 29 Palms residents the information they need to be active engaged citizens of our City.

Editor: Cindy Bernard
Assistant Editor: Heidi Heard
Lead Copy Editor: Kat Talley-Jones
Contributing writers: Cindy Bernard, Heidi Heard, Jonathan Hume, Kat Talley-Jones, Natalie Zuk

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Desert trumpet image adapted from Mockel’s desert flower notebook by Henry R. Mockel and Beverly Mockel, 1971

Topic header photos from the Joshua Tree National Park Flickr

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Cindy Bernard

Artist / Activist / Tennis Fanatic Co-founder 29 Palms Neighbors // The Desert Trumpet cindybernard.com

29 Palms Neighbors

Neighbors advocating for preserving our desert neighborhoods through pragmatic, progressive change.

Laura Hauther

Freelance journalist focusing on doings in the hi desert. Landroid.

Jonathan Hume

Hi Desert since 2015, renovator, STR owner, YIMBY. I support a thriving, free and independent Desert Heights and Twentynine Palms Water District.