Envisioning Our City’s Future – The Transcript

Envisioning Our City’s Future:
A Twentynine Palms Town Hall, Hosted by The Desert Trumpet

Saturday, June 29, 2024, 3-5pm
Twentynine Palms Community Center

Guests: Chris Clarke, Paul Razo, Carrie Williams
Moderator: Cindy Bernard


Speakers: Cindy Bernard, Chris Clarke, Paul Razo, Carrie Williams

Creating An Affordable and Sustainable City
Speakers: Cindy Bernard, Chris Clarke, Ashton Ramsey, Octavous Scott, Rhonda Coleman, Kimberly Zzyzx

Balancing Development with Maintenance of Our Desert Ecosystem
Speakers: Paul Razo, John Talley-Jones, Chris Clarke, Janet Kodesh, Mary Kay Sherry, Lori Cosgriff, Supinda Siri, Sara Lyons, Mike Usher, Kimberly Zzyzx, Cindy Bernard, Octavious Scott

Creating an Inclusive Community
Speakers: Carrie Williams, Viviana Hermosillo, Paul Razo, Supinda Siri, Robin Schlosser, William Sumption, Cindy Bernard, Bea Koch, Rhonda Coleman, Talulah Coleman, Haydee Hermosillo, Sara Lyons, Kimberly Zzyzx

What Does Positive Change Look Like?
Carrie Williams, Octavious Scott, Lieutenant Colonel William Sumption, Janet Kodesh, Sara Lyons, Paul Razo, Cindy Bernard

Envisioning Our City’s Future, A Twentynine Palms Town Hall was supported by our Desert Trumpet paid subscribers, support from the Desert Trail, a fee waiver from the City of Twentynine Palms Department of Parks and Recreation and Aha Projects, our fiscal sponsor.