Important City Email Addresses

District 1: Steven Bilderain, sbilderain@29palms.org (Mayor)
District 2: Joel Klink, klink@29palms.org (Mayor Pro Tem)
District 3: Daniel Mintz, dmintz@29palms.org
District 4: Octavious Scott, oscott@29palms.org
District 5: McArthur Wright mwright@29palms.org

PLANNING COMMISSIONERS — note, our request for the new Planning Commissioner emails has gone unanswered by the Community Development Director, so Cure and Garcia are best guesses given the standard format.
Jessica Cure (jcure@29palms.org — email unconfirmed)
Alex Garcia (agarcia@29palms.org — email unconfirmed)
Jim Krushat, jkrushat@29palms.org
Leslie Paahana, lpaahana@29palms.org
Max Walker, mwalker@29palms.org

City Clerk, Secretary to Council: Cindy Villescas, cvillescas@29palms.org
Interim City Manager: Larry Bowden, lbowden@29palms.org
Community Development Director: Keith Gardner, kgardner@29palms.org
Community Development Clerk: Diane Olsen, dolsen@29palms.org

Useful City Website Links

29 Palms City Council

29 Palms Districts

29 Palms City Hall Meetings & Agendas

Videos of City Council and Planning Commission Meetings

29 Palms Code Complaints

Useful Maps

29 Palms STVHR Map (produced by 29 Palms Neighbors)

Twentynine Palms Land Use Maps (zoning, preservation and safety)

Running for Council Series

How to Run for Council, the Forms

Part 1: Steven Bilderain Interview